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in Derbyshire and the surrounding counties.

 Signs of Mole Activity

- Mole Hills: Raised mounds resembling small hills on your lawn or garden.

- Surface Tunnel: Visible ridges or tunnels just beneath the soil surface.

- Wilted Plants: Plants showing signs of root damage due to mole tunnelling.

- Spongy Ground: Areas of the lawn feeling soft or spongy, indicating tunnelling activity.

 Why Act Promptly?

  • Moles can tunnel extensively, causing damage to your garden and compromising the integrity of your lawn. Acting promptly is essential to prevent further disruption, protect your plants, and maintain the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Don't let mole activity turn into a major issue; address it promptly for an undisturbed and well-maintained landscape.
  • We offer effective mole pest control removal in Derbyshire and the surrounding counties.

Pest control in derbyshire and surrounding counties

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Why Choose H&Co for Mole Control?

At H&Co Pest Control Solutions Ltd, we understand the distress and potential health risks associated with mole activity

Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive and humane mole catching services tailored to your unique needs.

 Our Approach

 1. Thorough Inspection:

Our experts perform a meticulous examination to pinpoint active mole tunnels, feeding areas, and potential nesting sites.

 2. Customised Treatment Plans:

Based on our findings, we create a personalised mole control strategy to address the specific challenges in your property.

 3. Humane Methods:

We prioritise humane mole control methods, utilising traps and exclusion techniques to safely remove and prevent moles from returning.

 4. Environmentally Friendly:

H&Co is committed to eco-friendly practices. Our treatments are designed to be effective against mole activity while minimising environmental impact.

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